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How to become a millionaire through cryptocurrency?


Great News !

Participate in DeFi liquidity mining can earn more than 2% of income every day.Join DeFi liquidity mining now , give away 97 USDT ,and have a chance to win 880,000 USDT prizes. Refer friends to get 57 USDT reward!

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Why is the crazy DeFi liquidity mining so popular?

Recently, DeFi liquidity mining can earn more than 2% of income every day. After media reports, it has caused the currency circle to go crazy and become popular all over the world! I believe that many friends started to prepare and eager to try after seeing this news, and some friends may still be confused about what DeFi liquidity mining is and whether it can bring benefits. So today, let's explore a hot topic in the crypto circle - DeFi liquidity mining!

What is liquidity mining?

DEFI's ETH liquidity mining is a way to generate rewards by obtaining node certificates through wallet holders, and then adding them to the liquidity income mining pool. In order to obtain mining rewards, cryptocurrency holding funds are stored in their own liquid wallets, making them liquid miners and relying on smart contract mining to obtain returns. As long has it is a formal official encrypted wallet, open a node to earn interest any time any where. No transaction, no transfer & no physical mining machines required.


What kind of liquidity mining are we doing now?

Tether encourages people to provide liquidity in their capital trading pools by issuing USD tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. For example, some new shopping malls will give customers and sellers special coupons (or rewards) to encourage them to trade in their own shopping centers. The main purpose of liquidity mining is to gain users and traffic, allocate one's tokens efficiently, and make tokens increase liquidity, thus giving the project a broader community base. Defi's liquidity mining takes advantage of the decentralized nature of blockchain and is highly innovative. Those involved in the mining also receive community rewards for providing liquidity and heat to the market.

How to calculate the income of liquidity mining?

The return rate of liquidity mining is 2%-3% every day, and the mine pool pays the income every 6 hours. For example: the customer deposits 10000USDT in the encrypted wallet to participate in liquidity mining, and the daily income is 10000X2% = 200USDT, and there are 4 dividends every day, each time with 50USDT. Of course, the more cryptocurrencies you participate in liquidity mining, the higher your income.

Is liquidity mining risky?

We're engaged in no-pledge mining, When we decentralize, we don't need to recharge and move to any platform. Use authoritative digital currency wallets: Coinbase, ImToken... , my money is in my Coinbase wallet at all times.So very safe, zero risk for our investors.

The most important question is, how to join liquidity mining?

Open your mobile browser, enter the URL of DeFi ETH:, click Join Erc20 Node, select your wallet and authorize the mining node.You need to pay a miner's fee to receive the voucher, please make sure that your wallet has enough ETH as the miner's fee.Join liquidity mining now to receive $97 reward! Enter DeFi ETH URL :






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